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2021-08-21 VNV at Bleachers-1.jpeg
2021-09-04 VNV at The Cellar-93.jpg
2021-09-04 VNV at The Cellar-66.jpg


2021-09-04 VNV at The Cellar-44.jpg

Schecter Hellraiser Extreme Series with EMG




Line 6 Spider Valve MKII HD100


Line 6 Spider 412 Speaker Cabinet


Majik Box Body Blow Overdrive


MXR EVH Phase 90


MXR 10 Band EQ


MXR Custom Comp


MXR Micro Flanger

Breedlove Discover Concert Acoustic Guitar


Morley George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah


MXR Smart Gate

MXR Carbon Copy Delay

Dunlop Crybaby BG95 Wah

Sennheiser XSW Wireless

SIT Power Wound Nickel Strings

2021-07-31 VNV at The Tank-51.jpg

Pearl 7 Piece Decade Maple Shells

Zildjian 7A Dipped Drumsticks


DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal

Zildjian A Customs Cymbals

Evans Black Coated Heads

2021-09-04 VNV at The Cellar-36.jpg

Sennheiser e945

Sennheiser XSW Wireless

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