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Josh Ingraham


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Josh Ingraham was raised in the small town of Portland, CT where there isn’t much else to do but make your own entertainment. When he was 8yrs old he picked up his first pair of sticks and by 10 he was behind his very first drum kit. He played drums on anything he could, often getting in trouble in school for disturbing the class. At 16 he and his friends formed 'Alkatraz' which included Virtue and Vice's own Steve Delesdernier. They did well for themselves opening for national acts at the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT. Unfortunately, their run was short lived, and the remaining members formed their next band, 'Torn By Addiction'. Over time that group fell apart and everyone went their separate ways.

Music is life for Josh, so he moved to California to get a degree in sound engineering from Expression College of Digital Arts in Emeryville. After he graduated, he went on the road as a sound engineer for the 'Tommy Castro Band' on one of their US tours. When the tour concluded Josh returned home and finally got back behind a drum kit. Upon his return he met up with Steve for their first jam session in years. The magic they had from their youth was stronger now with more experience under their belts. Josh and Steve filled out the rest of their latest group, Paragon Theorem, honing their songwriting skills. After some local and regional success and 3 full length albums, the group disbanded and the remaining members formed Virtue and Vices.

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