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Steve Del


Steve Delesdernier was raised in the small town of Portland, CT. He picked up his first guitar, his Grandmother’s old acoustic, at a young age and finally got his own axe when he turned 10. As a kid he got his hands on every rock album he could to soak in as much as possible. He took a few lessons learning the basics and then started to learn all his favorite songs by ear. In high school he and his friends, including founding Virtue and Vices drummer Josh Ingraham, formed the band ‘Alkatraz’. That group fell apart after a short time but the remaining members, including Josh, formed their second group, ‘Torn By Addiction’. After another short lived but more successful run the group split ways. In the years after high school Steve jumped around from band to band making friends and fans along the way but never finding that spark from the early bands.


In early 2012 when Josh returned home the two of them met up for a good old fashioned jam session just to see where it went. They discovered their childhood chemistry was still there but even stronger with all their gained experiences and Paragon Theorem was founded. They had some local and regional success but three albums later the group split. Out of the end of that era Virtue and Vices was forged.

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